Choose your favorite Notification Options


This is a little heads up to make you notice a feature that many of you are asking about.

Have you ever noticed the link at the bottom of every newsletter I send?

Some people is definitely anxious or live in a constant rush hour and need to get notified about every update almost instantly. Those friends may choose to switch to instant notifications of this newsletter. Of course, they may subscribe to the RSS channel, or even following my Twitter / Facebook timelines.

And in the other hand, others may find annoying such an amount of emails. That’s why they can switch to weekly updates, and receive only one email every Sunday.

So, let’s enumerate all of the notifications modes you can choose from for your pleasure:

Standard Notifications:

  • This is the default you will be subscribed to when you register/purchase/subscribe. A daily update sent ONLY if I published something.

Instant Notifications:

Weekly Notifications:

  • Switch to Weekly Updates, clicking in the link at the bottom of any newsletter I’ve sent.

As you can see, it’s up to you to choose how to get notified. I provide a vast amount of channels for almost every taste. Now go on and keep having fun 😉

And yes, that cute girl in the photo seems to be happy with instant notifications  😀