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Updated November/2016

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Hello buddies! This is a new release by Rocket Genius: Gravity Forms version


You can read the latest entries in Gravity Forms changelog below:

– Added new form switcher.

– Fixed issue where gf_is_match() was selecting incorrect inputs for matching

– Updated the error messages for upgrade issues.
– Restored the gform_entries_column_filter and gform_entries_column hooks.

Version 2.0.2
– Fixed an issue with the notifications meta box on the entry detail page not displaying the result messages.
– Fixed an issue where the start and end paging fields would close in form editor upon keypress within a setting.
– Fixed an issue where the entry search UI doesn’t appear in the entry list for users without the gravityforms_edit_forms capability.
– Fixed issue where non-input-specific conditional logic would fail on forms where field IDs “overlapped” (i.e. 10 & 100, 9 & 90)
– Fixed styling issues.

Version 2.0.1
– Added the gform_process_template_shortcodes_pre_create_post filter. See
– Updated reCAPTCHA settings to force user to use reCAPTCHA widget to validate reCAPTCHA keys.
– Updated minimum WordPress version required for support to 4.4.
– Fixed PHP notice related to Captcha field validation when using the reCAPTCHA type.
– Fixed an issue with the initial setup where the installation wizard is queued for display after installation via the CLI.
– Fixed an issue with the permissions in the toolbar menu.
– Fixed an issue saving the value for the date drop down field type.
– Fixed “Stoken disabled” issue with reCAPTCHA; users must revalidate keys.
– Fixed fatal errors on uninstall and license key change.

Version 2.0.0
– Security enhancement: Fixed security issues in the admin pages.
– Security enhancement: The location of uploaded files is now hidden by default.
– Security enhancement: Added the gform_sanitize_confirmation_message filter. Return true to sanitize the entire confirmation just before rendering. This is an additional layer of security to ensure that values from merge tags used inside HTML are encoded properly and all scripts are removed. Useful for super-admins in multisite installations where site admins are not trusted.
Example: add_filter( ‘gform_sanitize_confirmation_message’, ‘__return_true’ );

– Accessibility enhancement: Added alternative content for AJAX form iframe.
– Accessibility enhancement: Added ARIA invalid and required attributes to donation, email, hidden, name, number, password, phone, post custom field, post excerpt, post tags, post title, price, select, text, textarea and website fields.
– Accessibility enhancement: Fixed an accessibility issue with list field when styling was called with an inline element.
– Accessibility enhancement: Fixed an accessibility issue with onkeypress attributes not accompanying onclick attributes.

– Styling enhancement: Improved RTL support.
– Styling enhancement: Improved responsive/adaptive support.
– Styling enhancement: Improved vertical alignment.

– Added “Duplicate” and “Trash” to form menu to maintain consistency with form list actions.
– Added ‘forms per page’ screen option to the form list.
– Added GFEntryDetail::set_current_entry() for updating the cached entry on the entry detail page.
– Added the Forms Toolbar bar menu.
– Added the Toolbar menu setting.
– Added the gform_entry_detail_meta_boxes filter allowing custom meta boxes to be added to the entry detail page. See
– Added filter ‘gform_progress_steps’ to allow modifying/replacing the progress steps markup. See
– Added support for Loco Translate which stores translations in WP_LANG_DIR/plugins/.
– Added English translations (AU, GB, NZ). Credit: Ross McKay.
– Added filter ‘gform_progress_bar’ to allow modifying/replacing progress bar markup. See
– Added the gform_phone_formats filter and form specific version allowing custom phone formats to be defined. See
– Added JS filter ‘gform_spinner_target_elem’ to allow changing the element after which the AJAX spinner is inserted. See
– Added a dismissible message to the confirmation page which is displayed if merge tags are used as values for attributes.
– Added an Event column to the Notifications list if the form has multiple notification events registered.
– Added support for preventing Admin Only fields from being selected in Form Editor conditional logic; changing field already used in conditional logic to Admin Only will result in a confirmation prompt (like deleting a field used in conditional logic)
– Added support for excluding current field from conditional logic; prevents field from applying conditional logic against itself.
– Added ‘gform_list_field_parameter_delimiter’ filter
– Added the gform_disable_print_form_scripts filter. See:
– Added support for the entries per page screen option in the entry list.
– Added support for conditional logic on multi-input fields (specifically Name and Address field).
– Added support for future conditional logic changes where order of various GF JS events can be specified.
– Added sorting on the form list for the entry count, view count and conversion columns.
– Added support for reCAPTCHA 2.0.
– Added support for Rich Text Editor on Paragraph and Post Body fields.
– Added the gravityforms_cron daily task. Performs self-healing, adds empty index files, deletes unclaimed export files, old logs and orphaned entries.
– Added new filter: gform_addon_feed_settings_fields
– Updated English translations (AU, GB, NZ, ZA). Credit: Ross McKay.
– Updated the permissions required to import forms. Both gravityforms_create_forms and gravityforms_edit_forms capabilities are now required in order to import forms.
– Updated the entry list to hide the filters and and the search UI when the form has no entries.
– Updated Chinese (China) translation. Credit: Edi Michael.
– Updated English translations (AU, GB, NZ). Credit: Ross McKay.
– Updated the default number of user accounts in the impersonation setting for the Web API to 3000.
– Updated the Address field state dropdown to support optgroups.
– Updated layout/styling for note meta (looked wonky for system notes where no email address is specified)
– Updated payment details section to use the Entry Detail meta box system
– Updated the daily clean-up to delete log files older than one month.
– Updated Chinese (China) translation. Credit: Edi Michael.
– Updated the way the Paragraph field saves values – fields that expect HTML will save safe values. Paragraph fields that don’t expect HTML will accept values exactly as they are submitted.
– Updated the payment results to display results for days with zero results when date range is not set.
– Updated form editor to display placeholder content when all fields have been removed.
– Updated multi-page form validation. If any invalid fields are found when submitting the final page of a form, the form will jump to the first page with an invalid field.
– Updated the entry detail page to display the Entry Info, Notifications and Notes boxes as WordPress meta boxes. Added support for screen options.
– Updated the value column in the lead_detail table to longtext to fix an issue with entry search. The longtext table is now no longer used.
– Updated the toolbar styles.
– Updated the entry search filter styles to display the filter below the entry list on smaller screens.
– Updated way email fields are validated. GFCommon::is_valid_email() now uses the WordPress function is_email() instead of the PHP FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL Filter. Use the is_email WordPress filter to adjust behavior. See
– Updated the settings page to use the GF_MIN_WP_VERSION constant as the minimum WordPress version.
– Updated the way product fields are saved to improve performance when saving the product info meta.

– Fixed an issue with the styles of the form settings, entry list and plugin settings pages for narrow screens.
– Fixed an issue with the entry list where searches by Entry Date may return incorrect results for sites in time zones different to UTC.
– Fixed some untranslated strings.
– Fixed typos in some translated strings.
– Fixed notice when using reCAPTCHA field.
– Fixed issue where address-based state/country conditional logic did not correctly display select of available choices.
– Fixed an issue saving and displaying entry values for checkbox fields with a choice value of 0.
– Fixed an issue where conditional logic value selects for Addresses would generate errors when selected
– Fixed an issue with the conditional logic dependency check when configuring a new choice if there is a conditional logic rule based on the field placeholder.
– Fixed caching of the form array for the entry detail page.
– Fixed an issue with the entry list when no fields on the form support the entry list page. E.g. List fields.
– Fixed an issue with the width of the Product field quantity input when using the 3 column classes.
– Fixed an issue loading translations when using a custom directory name for the plugin.
– Fixed an issue with the sanitization of the phone format setting on some hosting environments.
– Fixed flash of unstyled content issue in form preview (due to stylesheet being loaded after content)
– Fixed an issue where fields close in the form editor upon keypress within a text or textarea input field.
– Fixed a typo in the Hungarian choice of the Captcha field language setting.
– Fixed an issue with the entry detail actions which can prevent third-party content from displaying properly.
– Fixed an issue with the font size for the Total field value.
– Fixed an issue with the styles for the List field add/delete row buttons on the entry detail edit page.
– Fixed an issue with the styles on some admin pages that get stuck in the browser cache after upgrade.
– Fixed issue where Single Product quantity input displayed on initial load in admin even when quantity was disabled.
– Fixed issue where default Date field has a single input but no Datepicker.
– Fixed a JavaScript error in the form editor when configuring the max chars setting.
– Fixed an issue with the base URL in the Web API developer tools UI.
– Fixed the inconsistent widths in the page content below the toolbar.
– Fixed an issue with the styles on the entry detail page for narrow screens.
– Fixed an issue with the form settings pages where the non-minified version of the admin.css file is loaded instead of the minified file.
– Fixed missing label attribute in date field.
– Fixed “_wrapper” not being appended to all custom form CSS classes when more than one CSS class was provided.
– Fixed an issue with the export page where large numbers of entries may cause the export process to hang.

– Deprecated GFFormsModel::get_field_value_long(). The longtext table is no longer used.
– Deprecated GFEntryDetail::payment_details_box()

– Removed ‘gform_enable_entry_info_payment_details’ hook.
– Removed the form switcher. Use the Toolbar menu instead.
– Removed the unused ‘credit_card_icon_style_setting’ field setting which was a duplicate of ‘credit_card_setting’.
– Removed recaptcha script enqueues from GFFormDisplay::enqueue_form_scripts() and GFFormDisplay::print_form_scripts() (script is enqueued when the field content is generated).
– Removed backwards compatibility for Thickbox for versions of WordPress prior to 3.3.
– Removed backwards compatibility in GFCommon::replace_variables_prepopulate() for versions of WordPress prior to 3.3.
– Removed caching from GFFormsModel::get_lead_field_value().
– Removed styling for “Add Form” button for versions of WordPress prior to 3.5.
– Removed textarea fallback for the visual editor for versions of WordPress prior to 3.3.

– AF: Security enhancement – Added value checks to the validation of radio, checkbox, select, select_custom, text, textarea, field_select, checkbox_and_select and feed condition settings. Added “fix it” buttons.
– AF: Added option to enqueue scripts and styles on form list page.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the styles on the form and feed settings pages.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::complete_authorization() to update entry with authorization details.
– AF: Updated GFPaymentAddOn::process_capture() to use GFPaymentAddOn::complete_authorization() if payment was authorized and a capture transaction did not occur.
– AF: Added subscription id to the transaction table.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the check for updates when the check doesn’t run in an admin context. e.g. WP-CLI.
– AF: Updated the delayed payment choices on the PayPal feed to appear under the ‘Post Payment Actions’ setting instead of ‘Options’.
– AF: Added GF_Addon::get_slug().
– AF: Added the gform_post_process_feed action hook. See
– AF: Removed GFPaymentAddon::disable_entry_info_payment() method.
– AF: Added ‘gform_gf_field_create’ filter to allow modifying or replacing the GF_Field object after it has been created. See
– AF: Fixed an issue when upgrading due to feed order column name.
– AF: Fixed issue processing PayPal feeds.
– AF: Added GFAddon::pre_process_feeds() method to handle applying new ‘gform_addon_pre_process_feeds’ filter
add_filter( ‘gform_addon_pre_process_feeds’, function( $feeds, $entry, $form ) {
// modify $feeds
return $feeds;
}, 10, 3 );
– AF: Fixed an issue with GFFeedAddOn::is_feed_condition_met().
– AF: Added $_supports_feed_ordering property to GFFeedAddOn. When enabled, users can sort feeds on the feed list page to determine what order they are processed in.
– AF: Added Customizer to supported admin_page types for enqueueing scripts.
– AF: Updated Add-On feed table schema to support feed ordering.
– AF: Updated GFFeedAddOn::maybe_process_feed() to update entry object if the returned value from the GFFeedAddOn::process_feed() call is an array that contains an entry ID.
– AF: Updated all protected methods in GFAddOn, GFFeedAddOn and GFPaymentAddOn to be public methods.
– AF: Fixed issue where no other script enqueue rules would run if first rule was a callback.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the payment results page summary, chart and table where transactions are ignored if they don’t complete before midnight on the same day the entry is submitted.
– AF: Fixed an issue where add-on framework tables don’t get deleted when a site is deleted in multisite installations.
– AF: Added aliases support to field select settings field to recommend the default field choice based on field label.
– API: Updated the Web API tools to load the JS files locally.
– API: Fixed an issue with GFFormsModel::save_lead() where fields hidden by conditional logic get saved when updating an existing entry outside the entry detail context e.g. during submission if the entry had previously been created using the Partial Entries Add-On.
– API: Updated the way the date_created field filter and the start_date & end_date criteria are handled in entry searches. The dates are converted to UTC based on the site’s time zone offset set in the gmt_offset option during the construction of the query.
– API: Added support for sticky dismissible admin messages displayed on all Gravity Forms admin pages.
– API: Updated GF_Field::sanitize_entry_value() to sanitize the value only if HTML is enabled for the field or activated using the gform_allowable_tags filter. Fields should override this method to implement field-specific sanitization.
– API: Updated the way GF_Field handles input and output values. Input values are now not sanitized on input unless the HTML tags are allowed, in which case values are passed through wp_kses_post() and then through gform_allowable_tags filter and then through strip_tags() if required. Updated the way the Address, Checkbox, Multiselect, Name, Radio, Select, Text and Textarea fields handle input and output to account for the change.
– API: Added <= to the list of supported operators in the entry search.

– Added gform_not_found class to the paragraph tag used to wrap ‘Oops! We could not locate your form.’ error message

– Fixed an issue restoring field defaults on display by conditional logic when the value was 0.

– Fixed issue with Sales chart not matching up with chart data.

– Fixed issue with calculation fields with 4 decimal numbers in some situations.

– Fixed an issue with Web API developer tools not loading the appropriate scripts.

– Fixed an issue with AJAX enabled forms not adding the gform_validation_error class to the form wrapper when a validation error occurs.

Version 1.9.19

– Added support for the Customize Posts feature plugin. The Add Form button appears in the editor when editing posts in the front-end using the Customizer.
– Updated the setting page to prevent the Uninstall tab from being added for users without the gravityforms_uninstall or gform_full_access capabilities.
– Updated German translation. Credit: Dominik Horn – netzstrategen.
– Fixed an issue with the front-end total calculation if the quantity field value contained the comma thousand separator.
– Fixed a JS error which could occur when processing the option field labels if the DOM has been manipulated to include a text field within the choices container.
– Fixed an issue with the shortcode builder where form titles with special characters are not displayed correctly.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the check for updates when the check doesn’t run in an admin context. e.g. WP-CLI.
– AF: Added ‘gform_gf_field_create’ filter to allow modifying or replacing the GF_Field object after it has been created. See

Version 1.9.18
– Added Chinese (China) translation. Credit: Edi Michael.
– Added new filter: gform_list_field_parameter_delimiter
add_filter( ‘gform_list_field_parameter_delimiter’, function( $delimiter, $field, $name, $field_values ) {
return ‘||’;
}, 10, 4 );

– Added the $field object to the parameter list of the gform_counter_script filter.

– Updated GFFormsModel::get_lead_db_columns() to public.
– Updated the gform_confirmation_anchor filter to include $form as the second parameter.
– Updated GFFormsModel::media_handle_upload() to be a public method.

– Fixed an issue with the merge tag for the Multi Select field returning the choice values when not using the :value modifier.
– Fixed an issue with the $field_values parameter of the gform_pre_render hook where it would change from an array to a string when processing AJAX form submissions.
– Fixed an issue with gformCleanNumber() which for some currencies caused an incorrect value to be returned.
– Fixed a fatal error that can occur when third party plugins and themes call Gravity Forms methods that use GFCache, such as GFFormsModel::get_form_id(), before all the plugins have been loaded. So pluggable functions such as wp_hash() in wp-includes/pluggable.php are not available.
– Fixed an issue with conditional shortcodes where the shortcodes don’t get parsed if the {all_fields} merge tag is present.
– Fixed issue where Date & Time fields did not save their default value correctly if visibility was set to Admin Only

– AF: Fixed a PHP notice which could occur if the is_authorized property was not set by the payment add-on.
– AF: Fixed GFAddOn::get_save_button() not retrieving last section’s fields when sections are using custom array keys.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the payment status not being updated when a subscription payment is successful if a previous attempt failed.

Version 1.9.17
– Added security enhancements.
– Added {admin_url} and {logout_url} merge tags.
– Added the GF_MIN_WP_VERSION_SUPPORT_TERMS constant and a message on the settings page when the site is not eligible for support.
– Added the GFEntryDetail::maybe_display_empty_fields() helper to determine if empty fields should be displayed when the lead detail grid is processed.

– Updated save and continue confirmations to support shortcodes.
– Updated form view count and lead count so that they are cached to improve performance.
– Updated Bengali translation. Credit: Md Akter Hosen.
– Updated entry info filters to include additional payment statuses supported by the AF.
– Updated Dutch translation. Credit: Eenvoud Media B.V. / Daniel Koop.

– Fixed an PHP notice related to the field specific version of the gform_save_field_value hook which could occur when using GFAPI::update_entry().
– Fixed an issue with the empty form validation and fields configured as admin only which do have a value.
– Fixed an issue with the confirmation query string when using the merge tag for a currency formatted Number field.
– Fixed an issue which prevented the gform_save_field_value hook running for custom field types when the input value was an array.
– Fixed a layout issue in the form editor for custom field settings assigned the gform_setting_left_half or gform_setting_right_half classes.
– Fixed field labels escaping field container in the form editor.
– Fixed an issue which caused merge tags added by autocomplete to be lost on form save.
– Fixed uppercase characters for save and continue merge tags in Danish translation.
– Fixed an issue with the admin-ajax url for the add field, duplicate field and change input type requests when WPML is active.
– Fixed issue with name field styles on certain scenarios.

– AF: Added support for select_custom settings field on the plugin settings page.
– AF: Added Customizer to supported admin_page types for enqueueing scripts.
– AF: Fixed issue where no other script enqueue rules would run if first rule was a callback.
– AF: Updated select_custom settings field to hide default custom option if custom option is within an optgroup.

– API: Fixed an issue with a logging statement for the Web API.

Version 1.9.16

– Added logging of form import failures.
– Added some additional logging statements.
– Added security enhancements. Credits: Allan Collins of and Henri Salo from Nixu.
– Added “Email Service” field to notifications to allow for sending email notifications via third party services. Defaults to WordPress.
– Added “gform_notification_services” filter to add custom notification email services.
– Added “gform_notification_validation” filter to apply custom validations when saving notifications.
– Added action “gform_post_notification_save” which fires after notification is successfully saved.
– Added data-label attribute to the list field to support more responsive styles.
– Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation.
– Updated French translation. Credit: Yann Gauche.
– Updated plugin settings tab links to only include the page and subview query arguments.
– Updated Danish translation. Credit: Adamsen.
– Updated “gform_notification_ui_settings” filter with the validation state as the fourth parameter.
– Updated “gform_pre_send_email” filter with the notification object as the third parameter.
– Updated Finnish translation. Credit: Aki Björklund.
– Updated Font Awesome to version 4.5.0.
– Updated Portuguese Brazilian translation. Credit: Dennis Franck.
– Updated the arguments used to retrieve the users to improve performance when populating the entries page filters. Credit: the GravityView team.
– Updated GFExport::get_field_row_count() to be a public method.
– Updated the gform_list_item_pre_add filter to include $group (the tr) as the second parameter.
– Fixed a layout issue effecting tabbed settings pages and the bulk add/predefined choices modal.
– Fixed an issue which could cause an incorrect result for the calculated product field.
– Fixed an issue with the restoring of the Email field default values by conditional logic when the email confirmation setting is enabled.
– Fixed an issue with the merge tag drop down for the default value setting containing some merge tags which are not replaced when the default value merge tags are processed.
– Fixed an issue with the fieldId parameter of the gform_format_option_label hook being undefined for radio and checkbox type fields.
– Fixed a PHP notice for the Address field which would occur if the selected address type does not exist.
– Fixed an issue with Number field validation of decimal values without a leading zero.
– Fixed fatal error which could occur on the entry detail page.
– Fixed an issue with the {embed_url} merge tag when notifications are resent from the admin.
– Fixed an issue which could cause an incorrect calculation result for the number field when using the decimal comma format.
– Fixed an issue with the embed_post and custom_field merge tags when the form is not located on a singular page.
– Fixed a PHP notice which could occur during post creation if the postAuthor property is not set in the form object.
– Fixed an issue causing some values to be encoded before being saved.
– Fixed an issue with the database permissions check.
– Fixed PHP warning when using GFCommon::replace_variables() without providing a form object.
– Fixed a PHP notice if the form CSS Class Name setting was not configured.
– Fixed missing Font Awesome file.
– Fixed an RTL layout issue with the Time field.
– Fixed an issue which could cause an incorrect calculation result during submission when using values from fields which don’t have the number format setting.
– Fixed an issue where on some occasions the Post Category field choices could be missing from the field filters value dropdown on the entry list page.
– Fixed an issue with the entry list field filters where searching by the Post Category field would not return any entries.
– Fixed issue where division by zero generated warnings in calculation formulas
– Fixed PHP notice on the entry list page which could occur for multi-file enabled fields if the field value was modified post submission using a custom method.
– Fixed PHP warning on the entry detail page which could occur if the file upload field value was cleared post submission using a custom method.
– Fixed an issue creating the post when the category name includes the colon character.
– Fixed issue with entry list sorting on certain mySQL installations.
– Fixed PHP notice which could occur during merge tag replacement if the form id or title are not set in the supplied form object. Credit: the GravityView team.
– Fixed an issue with the Post Image field not retaining the title, description or caption values when the form fails validation. Credit: the GravityView team.
– Rolled back change to the entry count query for the Forms page made in for performance reasons.
– API: Fixed an issue with the contains and like operators when searching entry meta.
– API: Updated title to “Gravity Forms Web API”.
– AF: Fixed an issue whith cancelling subscription when multiple payment addons are installed.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the version number being appended to the script/style src attribute when using scripts()/styles() and the version parameter is set to null.
– AF: Added GFFeedAddOn::get_single_submission_feed_by_form() to return a single active feed for the current entry (evaluating any conditional logic).
– AF: Updated GFFeedAddOn::get_single_submission_feed() to use GFFeedAddOn::get_single_submission_feed_by_form().
– AF: Fixed an issue with the feed add-on setup routine. Use the ‘setup’ query string parameter (ie. ?page=gf_settings&setup) on the settings page to force table creation if required.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the input for the radio type setting having two id attributes if an id was configured for the choice in feed_settings_fields().
– AF: Fixed an issue with the field label markup for the field_map type setting.
– AF: Updated GFAddOn::get_field_value() to support calling a get_{$input_type}_field_value function if defined by the add-on.
– AF: Fixed a fatal error which could occur when processing callbacks if the RGCurrency class is not available.
– AF: Added gform_addon_field_value, a generic filter for overriding the mapped field value. See
– AF: Fixed issue where templates with leading whitespace generated a jQuery warning in repeater.js
– AF: Updated ‘add’ callback to include ‘index’ as a fourth parameter
– AF: Updated bulk actions for feed list able to no longer include the duplicate action.
– AF: Updated checkbox and radio settings fields to support choices with icons. Icon can be an image URL or Font Awesome icon class.
– AF: Updated GFAddOn::single_setting_label() to not display PHP notice when label is not provided.
– AF: Added GFAddOn::maybe_get_tooltip().
– AF: Added support for tooltips to the child fields of the field_map setting.
– AF: Added “after_select” property to select field setting to show text after the select field.

Version 1.9.15

– Added the gform_search_criteria_entry_list filter allowing the search criteria for the entry list to be overridden. See
– Added $default parameter to rgar() function to allow returning a specified value if the targeted property is empty
– Added security enhancements. Credit: Andrew Bauer – Boston University Web Team.
– Added security enhancements. Credit: Cyber Security Works.
– Added the ‘gform_media_upload_path’ filter so the location post image files are copied to during post creation can be overridden. See
– Added new filter ‘gform_review_page’ to enable review form page. See
– Added is_zero_decimal() helper to RGCurrency.
– Added “responsive” support to the entry list for a better experience on smaller screens. The first column is maintained while the rest of the columns collapse until toggled.
– Added new filter ‘gform_print_entry_disable_auto_print’ to disable auto-printing on Print Entry view.
– Added new action ‘gform_print_entry_content’ to better support customizing the print entry output.
– Added an index to the lead detail table to speed up searches.
– Added source_url to GFFormsModel::get_incomplete_submission_values().
– Updated the $review_page parameters for the gform_review_page hook to support configuring the next and previous buttons as images.
– Updated GFFormDisplay::gform_footer() to be a public method.
– Updated French translation. Credit: Thomas Villain.
– Updated order in which GFFormDisplay::maybe_add_review_page() was called
– Updated GFFormDisplay::maybe_add_review_page() to accept a $form parameter (rather than a $form_id)
– Updated GFFormDisplay::maybe_add_review_page() to only generate a temp entry if a function has been bound to the ‘gform_review_page’ filter
– Updated ‘gform_pre_process’ action to a filter to allow filtering the $form object before GF has begun processing the submission
– Updated gf_do_action() and gf_apply_filters() functions to no longer require a modifiers parameter; Modifiers should no longer be passed as a separate parameter. Combine the action name and modifier(s) into an array and pass that array as the first parameter of the function. Example: gf_do_action( array( ‘action_name’, ‘mod1’, ‘mod2’ ), $arg1, $arg2 );
– Updated all calls to gf_do_action() and gf_apply_filters() to use new parameter format
– Updated List field markup to include ‘gfield_list_container’ class on the table and ‘gfield_list_group’ on each table row.
– Updated the gformAddListItem(), gformDeleteListItem(), gformAdjustClasses(), gformToggleIcons() to target elements by class rather than element type; allows for custom, tableless List field markup.
– Updated conditional logic action description on Section field to ‘this section if’.
– Updated Hungarian translation. Credit: Péter Ambrus.
– Updated Print Entry view to use ‘gform_print_entry_content’ hook to output print entry.
– Updated GFCommon::replace_variables() to improve performance. Credit: the GravityView team.
– Updated Hungarian, thanks to Békési László.
– Updated Swedish (sv_SE) translation thanks to Thomas Mårtensson.
– Updated Spanish (es_ES) translation.
– Updated entry detail page so the gform_field_content filter can be used to override how the Section Break field is displayed.
– Updated GFCommon::send_email() signature to include $entry as tenth parameter, defaults to false if not passed.
– Updated gform_send_email_failed action hook to include $entry as third parameter.
– Updated gform_after_email action hook to include $entry as twelfth parameter.
– Fixed an issue which could occur when resuming an incomplete submission after the number of Page fields has reduced.
– Fixed page header not appearing on Updates page.
– Fixed an issue which, if the user clicked the save and continue link and then used the browser back button, would cause the save and continue confirmation to be displayed when clicking the next button.
– Fixed an issue which could occur when resuming an incomplete submission after the number of Page fields has reduced.
– Fixed page header not appearing on Updates page.
– Fixed an issue with the form specific version of the gform_review_page hook not being used.
– Fixed a fatal error which could occur when using the gform_review_page hook.
– Fixed an issue with the calculation type Product field displaying the parameter name setting for the price input.
– Fixed an issue with the Product field quantity input missing the disabled attribute in the form editor.
– Fixed an issue which caused no columns to be displayed on the entry list page if the first five fields are display only.
– Fixed an issue introduced in where the submitted checkbox values may not be available in certain scenarios.
– Fixed PHP warning on initial form display when using the ‘gform_review_page’ filter with a form that has calculations.
– Fixed an issue with the entries count on the forms list page including empty entries.
– Fixed issue where converting numbers to WP locale conflicted with numbers provided in conditional logic
– Fixed an issue which allowed a user without the gravityforms_create_form capability to create a new form.
– Fixed an issue which could prevent checkbox values containing ampersands being exported.
– Fixed notice in GFFormDisplay::get_conditional_logic() when field had no dependents.
– Fixed an issue with merge tag replacement when using a modifier along with a conditional shortcode.
– Fixed an issue which could prevent the lead detail table being created.
– Fixed an issue with merge tag replacement.
– Fixed an issue with conditional logic when wp locale is set to decimal comma.
– Fixed an issue with calculation fields on number fields formatted as currency.
– Fixed an issue with calculation fields on number fields formatted with decimal dot.
– Fixed an issue when using conditional shortcode on a field containing double quotes.
– Fixed an issue with the Total field when the page is refreshed in Firefox.
– Fixed an issue with the filter links when combined with screen options.
– Fixed an issue with the admin styles when screen options are present.
– Fixed an issue with encryption/decryption when mcrypt isn’t available.
– Fixed an issue with the advanced options link toggling the advanced options on all expanded form widgets.
– Fixed issue with user defined price field not formatting to currency
– Fixed an issue with how multi-input date and time Post Custom field values are retrieved during post creation.
– API: Added the gform_post_add_entry action which fires at the end of GFAPI::add_entry(). See
– API: Added support for using ‘like’ and ‘>=’ as search operators.
– API: Added GFCommon::trim_deep().
– API: Fixed an issue in the Web API for the submit_form function using the wrong variable.
– API: Updated the comma separated list returned by GF_Field_MultiSelect::get_value_merge_tag() to include a space after the comma.
– API: Added the gform_filter_links_entry_list filter to allow the row of filter links to be extended.
– AF: Updated GFFeedAddOn::can_duplicate_feed() to return false instead of true to allow add-ons to opt-in to duplication rather that opt out.
– AF: Added ability to duplicate feeds.
– AF: Added ability to disable duplication of specific feeds via GFFeedAddOn::can_duplicate_feed().
– AF: Added duplication of feeds when form is duplicated.
– AF: Fixed the error message when the user tries to update settings without permissions.
– AF: Added security enhancements. Credit: the GravityView team.
– AF: Added GFFeedAddOn::get_active_feeds() method to get active feeds.
– AF: Updated delayed feed logging to also include feeds delayed by the gform_is_delayed_pre_process_feed hook.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::get_currency() helper for getting the currency object.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::get_amount_export() to format the amount for export to the payment gateway. In add-ons which extend GFPaymentAddOn you would set $_requires_smallest_unit to true for the amount to be converted to the smallest currency unit e.g. dollars to cents.
– AF: Added GFPaymentAddOn::get_amount_import() to, if necessary, convert the amount back from the smallest unit required by the gateway e.g cents to dollars.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the choices available for mapping for the field_map field type.
– AF: Fixed an issue with the select_custom field type.
– AF: Added support for optgroup elements in the conditional logic fields select list.
– AF: Added support for the title element in the config array for an app settings tab.
– AF: Updated GFAddOn::load_screen_options() to public.
– AF: Updated GFPaymentAddOn::get_submission_data() to public.

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